Kew Lates: Orchid Festival 2017

This year Kew Gardens went for an Indian themed Orchid Festival as part of the 2017 UK-India Year of Culture initative.

I went along to the first #KewLate they had in the season and vlogged my experience! On the whole it was a fun and colourful night on a bitterly cold London evening. Visitors had the chance to have henna applied on their hands, dress up in various outfits from the subcontinent, watch dance performances and participate in yoga classes. There was also the opportunity to learn about different herbs, spices and plants used within South Asian cooking and medicine.

Generally I find any museum/heritage Late to be quite chaotic where you are huddled in a crowded room trying not to spill your drink on yourself. This Late however, was a much more calmer affair and definitely allowed you to wind down after busy day in the city.

The Orchid Festival is on until 5th March 2017. The lates take place every Tuesday and Thursday. For more info, click here.

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