The Lemonade Effect: Beyonce and Job Searching

As I’m heading towards my late twenties with my fingers firmly wrapped around my eyes, too scared to be a ‘proper adult’ yet wanting to be taken seriously and make my next career move, I received a text from my friend. ‘I didn’t get the job’. I know that feeling all too well so I decided to send a motivational text back which proclaimed that she should ‘keep running cause winners don’t quit on themselves’. In case you missed it Beyonce released her latest album this month and the reference is from Lemonade – but what does all this have anything to do with museums and art!? Let me take you through how I have come to realise that Lemonade isn’t an album about the hardships and healing of the most sought after couple in pop culture. Nope. Rather, it’s about the struggles of finding your place in the professional world and my journey to return to the sector.

Stage One – Pray You Catch Me: You’ve decided you need to move on, you’re yearning for something more and taken the leap. Your initial fears are whether you’ll be noticed amongst the thousands of other job seekers in a fiercely competitive sector. Your suspicion that you’ll be overlooked will prove true. Many a times.

Stage Two – Hold Up: So you managed to get to the interview stage and feel confident it went well. You’re feeling sassy and on top of the world but that is soon short lived. You receive an email that another candidate was given the position. You think that candidate won’t do a better job than you would.

Stage Three – Sorry: After stage one and two are repeated numerous times you find yourself giving up on the idea of chasing the dream museum job. You consider going into PR and marketing. You’re no longer thinking of the museum life. You’ve had enough. You tell them BOY BYE.

Stage Four – 6 Inch: You’ve decided to focus on yourself and keep working on your professional development. You don’t let rejection stop you from getting where you want to be. You work hard and grind daily. You work for the money but can’t hide the desire to still work within museums. You want to still go back.

Stage Five – Daddy Lessons: Friends and family will (hopefully) support you in your choices and help you to not give up on chasing your dream. A good friend once said ‘If you don’t shoot, you won’t score’. Keep trying and you will succeed.

Stage Six – Freedom: You have your motivation back. You’re ready to take on the world again and you’re filled with hope. You’re going to ignore the fact that ethnic minorities are hugely under-represented within the museum sector and you want to prove the statistics wrong. You’re gonna keep running cause winners don’t quit on themselves.

Stage Seven – All Night: In the end, after all the hard work, everything turns out okay. You managed to get the dream job and the job satisfaction you have been craving – you hope!

Disclaimer: Please note this post is not to be taken seriously in any way and it is not making light of any of the issues raised by Queen Bey in Lemonade.

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