Seen in Southall

While out and about in Southall today I stumbled upon two things. Firstly, the Dominion Centre had been revamped (or maybe I’m just catching up on old news). I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a library (Southall library relocated) that had it’s own pottery collection! It was great to see Southall’s history through the Martinware collection come alive. Many of the items on display ranged all the way back to the 1870s and the images accompanying the objects brought to life just how much Southall has transformed and changed. 

Seeing Southall’s past led me to visit Southall’s present in another pop-up exhibition at the centre ‘Seen In Southall’. Created by local Southallian, Mandeep Singh Nandha, this project celebrates the everyday stories of those who live in the town. 

“Using my camera phone I document the day to day hustle and bustle, the cultural beauty and vibrancy on the streets and then share the stories on Instagram and Facebook. Both channels have provided me with a platform to engage with not only local residents but individuals from all over the world.”

I think this is such a fantastic idea, using technology to bring positive light to a vibrant, community driven town. Capturing people taking selfies, kids being forced to go vegetable shopping with their parents. These everyday stories that everyone can relate to but often get overlooked due to the everyday pressures of a busy London life is something I love reading about. I do hope more projects like this are shown at the Dominion Centre. If you are around Southall before the 19th May I highly recommend you visit the exhibition!

For more information about ‘Seen in Southall’ click here

Follow the project here: Facebook & Instagram @seeninsouthall

For more information about the Dominion Centre click here

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