Club To Catwalk: London Fashion In The 1980s

This last month I managed to visit the V&A’s new fashion exhibition ‘Club To Catwalk‘. A nostalgic look for those who had their wild days in the 80s and an insightful look for anyone who wasn’t within this exclusive group.

With loans ranging from Vivenne Westwood to John Galliano, the exhibition has 85 iconic outfits from the creative generation of the decade. It seamlessly demonstrates just how much of a big impact fashion had in all areas of life and how important it became to stars in the entertainment industry and the legacy it took with it into the 90s (ahem Liz Hurley’s black dress)

John Galliano

The exhibition generally has a good use of space in place the exclusive edgy feel is apparent and ambiance is completed by the awesome 80’s soundtrack running throughout the space. This exhibition is definitely a must see for anybody who loves eccentric fashion.

For more information about the exhibition and the creation of the show follow the V&A blog here

Admission is £5 and is running until 16 February 2014

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