Samsung Museum of Art – Seoul

This month I was lucky enough to have another trip, this time on the other side of the world in Seoul (S.Korea) What struck me the most about visiting the city was the amount of art galleries that were around. One of my favourites (and highly recommended if you ever find yourself there) is the Samsung Museum of Art. The gallery is split into 3 sections:

Museum 1 – a permanent collection dedicated to traditional Korean artifacts
Museum 2 – a permanent collection dedicated to Korean and international contemporary/modern art
Samsung Child Education & Culture Centre – where special temporary exhibitions are also held

What I found most interesting about the space was it’s use of technology. Of course it being funded by Samsung you’d expect it to be innovative and it was just that.

Long gone are the days where you are forced to squint at small artifacts to really appreciate the fine detail. Tablets and interactive boards have been introduced (pictured above) to get visitors to engage with the objects, allowing them to zoom into detail and scroll across small artworks which are then displayed on a HD screen. This was not implemented across the whole gallery but used as a teaser in certain areas. However, I think it is an approach that should be taken on by most major art galleries and museums and is definitely a progressive input for technology in this field. It of course proved to be a hit with younger audiences as it allowed them to create a more engaging experience rather than a passive experience as most take from a gallery trip.

The only downside was that I would have liked to have seen more contemporary Korean art, it was strange for there to be a mix of international and Korean art in Museum 2 as Museum 1 was only domestic traditional art. Otherwise, it was architecturally amazing and definitely worth a second visit!

Rotunda Stairway



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