Pictures from my Gallery visit in San Francisco

Whilst I was holiday-ing in California, I managed to fit a visit in to the Asian Art Museum. It was amazing to see such a vast archived collection devoted to my favourite continent in another country. Alongside their permanent collection they had a temporary exhibition ‘China’s Terracotta Warriors‘ which I managed to see before it closed down!

It was an interesting experience just to see how art galleries/museums operated outside of London, for example, having to pay an entrance fee something I’m thankful London hasn’t introduced otherwise I would be in debt by now. But entrance fees are usually slashed an hour or so before closing time which is a plus side and there are generally a lot less people about in the spaces.

Anybody who finds themselves in San Francisco should definitely pay a visit to this place, if not for the artifacts the bookshop was an interesting find! I unfortunately missed the chance to visit SF’s MOMA as it was closed for construction đŸ˜¦








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