Peter Clarke Retrospective

As I work at Rivington Place what better way to start this blog than to do my first post about the current exhibition they’re holding. Rivington Place is home to two arts organisation Iniva and Autograph ABP, who both regularly exhibit shows and artists that deal with issues on culture, identity and politics. The Peter Clarke retrospective by Iniva doesn’t fail to deliver, showcasing over 80 works this is the first time the South African artist has exhibited in London.

Much of the work charts the every day lives of South Africans with his earlier work steering away from the elephant in the room, the Apartheid.  However, a distinct shift becomes apparent in more recent works from the 90s and 80s arguably so as it can be suggested the political context during that time was difficult to avoid. What I find interesting about this exhibition is the varied mediums and techniques that have been used by the artist, from watercolours, collages, lino cuts to sketches. His aesthetics will not fail to excite and engage you in the social issues that underlies his works.

Having met the artist myself at the Private View it was a pleasant surprise to find that he had a great sense of humor (something of a rarity amongst artists these days) But Clarke is old skool, a self taught artist who works away on his kitchen table without any assistances and believes that image makers “should always be drawing”.

Peter Clarke: Wind Blowing on the Cape Flats is exhibited until the 9th March 2013. More information can be found here and here. Exhibitions held at Rivington Place are free for all to enjoy.

(N.B: Any of the views expressed here are solely of my own and are not shared with either Rivington Place, Iniva or Autograph ABP.)

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